Staycations: Don’t Believe the Hype

We’ve all heard it: Skip the Trip and Stay at Home.  The economy’s bad, the dollar is weak, no long lines, no “are we there yet”…
 I was shocked to see how many blogs on how to have a successful staycation are out there.  But since I know many people who decided to forgo a holiday this year to stay at home, it makes sense. 

When I ask a staycationer (is that even a word?) how they spent their time, I’m always mortified to hear the answer that goes something like “well, I finally cleaned out my garage, I’ve been meaning to do that for two years, and I spent time relaxing and read a good book.

Convenient and budget-friendly, yes, but oh-so-lame.  I don’t know what’s more ridiculous, the word or the idea.  Here’s a few good reasons to avoid a staycation:

  • A vacation is something to look forward to.  Even if its 6 months  away, you’ll be planning, daydreaming, getting excited.
  • The mere thought of a getaway lifts your spirits, even on a cold rainy Monday morning in February.
  • A vacation allows you to expand your mind and learn about a culture that’s different from yours.  
  • The economy is plummeting, and so are the rates.  Check out hotel prices anywhere right now, you’ll be surprised how low they are.  Many destinations are even offering value-added specials, like complimentary meal coupons, free upgrades and rental cars for as low as $8 a day.
  • You don’t have to go far to get away from it all.  We recently “met half way” from our homes for a weekend getaway to Portland, OR.  
  • You know those two days called Saturday and Sunday?  They come around every single week.  What a great time to clean out that garage!