10 Very Handy & Most Overlooked Travel Items

We’ve all been there, suitcase spilling over with items we think we’ll need while traveling – clothing, accessories, shoes…and while the old adage of less is more could not be more fitting when it comes to what to bring on vacation, there are a few items that you shouldn’t leave home without. Below, 10 very handy and most often overlooked travel items.

  1. Money belt - while not the most convenient nor the most stylish, having your important items close to your body and not exposed is essential. A secure side satchel is good but separating out your most important items is well worth the hassel and the slight bulge in midsection.
    Money Belt
  2. Power adapter – nothing worse than arriving to a city ready to take pictures only to realize you don’t have any way to charge your camera or for that matter use of any electronics you brought.Power Adapter
  3. Travel pillow - it’s a small item but can make long airplane rides soooo much more enjoyable, there are even inflatable versions that take up close to no room.
    Airplane Pillow
  4. Ear plugs & eye mask – getting a good night’s rest is essential to enjoying your trip, but sometimes unforseen nightclubs or full moon parties can go thump through the night…and into the morning.
    Eye Mask and Ear Plugs
  5. Bandana/hankerchief – so handy, be it to wipe the sweat from your brow, wrap around your neck for a little stylish flare, or tourniquet to stem the flow of traumatic bleeding…we kid…kind of.
  6. Sarong/pareo – beach cover up, wrap dress, impromptu picnic blanket, extra layer of warmth, way to wrap a baby round your belly, the list can go as long as your ingenuity.
  7. Hat – an item I’ve often forgotten and always wind up wishing I had, be it for warmth, cover from the sun, or just to mask a bad hair day.
  8. Zip lock bags – whether for food, unexpected exploding toiletries, or just to separate out something, zip lock bags can come in handy in the most unexpected of moments.
  9. Language Dictionary - a little effort can go a long way, unless you are some language guru you’re unlikely to get more than a few pleasantries committed to memory, having a little pocket sized dictionary can be the difference between getting what you need and want and winding up on a train going to a city you’ve never heard of…and yes, is known from personal experience…
  10. Business card/contact info - one of the best things about traveling is meeting other people and for some reason you’ll often meet these individuals without pen and paper handy, having a little contact card slips into your wallet and is convenient for the receiver to stick in theirs.
    Third World Travel Extras:

  • Vitamins – eating healthy can sometimes be a challenge not to mention traveling does a lot of wear and tear on the body, staying hydrated and popping a daily multivitamin can help stave off sickness and keep that immune system healthy.
  • Pepto bismal – by far the best solution to the “diary” (check out the posting on Athens) and oddly not sold abroad in many countries.
  • Cheap T-shirts – fortunately for us, we come from places where the city markets sell cheap tshirts for less than a dollar. The iconic I love NY and hang loose tees are almost ubiquitous with our home states, it also means that for those in regions not so prosperous you can end up trading your tees for their wares.
  • Mosquito repellant – malaria, need we say more.

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