INDIA Photos: Highlights and Low Points

There are a few quotes that are said to sum up travel in India:

  • It stands for: “I‘d Never Do It Again”
  • “If you go to India without patience, you will learn it.  If you go with patience, you will quickly loose it.”
  • “He would have described the journey as insufferable except that the limits to which human endurance could be stretched in India made the word meaningless” (from “The Train to Pakistan” by Kushwant Singh)

We can attest that all of this is extremely true and completely incorrect all at once.  It is a country of such extremes that it has the ability to inspire, frustrate, challenge and dazzle you all within the same day.  We found our sanity constantly tested, but we also found ourselves more relaxed than we’ve been years.  We quickly came to realize that nothing in India is as you would expect.  Here’s some of the highs and lows of our Indian sojourn:

Highlight: The Taj Mahal was breathtakingly gorgeous.DSC02195

Low Point: Getting scammed, our train tickets ripped off and having to take a second class train to get there.


Highlight: The abundance of mouthwatering fresh seafood in the southern states.DSC02752

Low Point: Food poisoning.  Three times.


Highlight: Making friends with some lovely ladies and having a blast drifting through Kerala’s beautiful backwaters together.


Low Point: Being constantly gawked at by Indian men who followed us around taking our picture.


Highlight: Riding an elephant through a spice farm.


Low Point: Getting mauled by an angry bull (this is not the bull that attacked us, mind).


Highlight: Endless days cruising Goa’s countryside on motorbikes.


Low Point: Motorbike accidents are plentiful in India…just ask Mihae, who crashed into a roadside shop and ran over some poor man’s entire lot of onions.


Highlight: Feeling completely rejuvenated by a relaxing day at the beach, riverboat cruise or an ayurvedic spa treatment.


Low Point: Seva (selfless service) duty:  Shoveling cow manure, sweeping and mopping a huge temple, being in charge of herding naughty cows, picking weeds and planting corn in the blazing sun…wasn’t this supposed to be vacation?


Highlight: Two blissful nights in the luxurious Taj Mahal hotel in Bombay, our balcony overlooking the harbor and the Gateway to India.


Low Point: Constant harassment from the locals: “you like change money, no problem,”  ”Come ride my boat, no problem”, “look my silk shop, no problem”, “do you want to buy hashish, no problem?” Can you spare one rupee, no problem?”


Highlight: Experiencing daily life in Varanasi as Indians come to the Ganga River to bathe, fish, pray, swim, practice yoga and wash laundry.


Low Point: Getting sore throats from the  fumes of  burning human bodies just outside our hotel window in Varanasi.


Highlight: Beautiful India: Mother Nature at her best.


Low Point: India’s ugly side: Witnessing overwhelming poverty during a visit to Dharvai Slum, the largest in all of Asia.


Highlight: Coming to India to connect with her spiritual side through yoga, prayer, meditation, temples and a stay at an ashram.


Low Point: Coming to the realization that we would rather be dancing on the beach than doing yoga.


Highlight: Never missing the opportunity to “GOA BIG.”

Low Point: Having to “GOA HOME.”



  • Ganesh said:

    Lovely view from the balcony at the Taj. Cheers, Ganesh.

  • albert ling said:

    That is too funny! love it!

  • Joe said:

    A W E S O M E !
    What a trip…I only wish we had some listings out there for ya.

    Btw, what’s up with that dude laying out with the bandages? That’s the owner of the onion stand, isn’t it.

  • Melchior said:

    Love the Spirituality at the Beach!
    Your religion is clearly Party!!!!
    You are too funny!
    See you at another beach…party!

  • Jim @ The|Globe|Less|Traveled said:

    I’m so happy to have come across this right now, sitting in Bangkok waiting for my India visa to be finalized, planning the final details for my upcoming trip! I love the range of emotions and experiences you two share here. It makes me both very excited and a little bit nervous :) It looks like this is two years or so old now, but I don’t doubt my experience will be very much the same.

    No problem!


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