Day One. Flight to India

The ability to achieve, to set your mind to something and have the fortitude to carry it out. It starts with a single momentary shift- a beginning…

Day 1: on the brink of a new “adventure,” aboard a flight to
New Delhi with no set itinerary save for the first night. Where the journey will bring us is yet to be seen and still I have this strange feeling that what’s to be discovered will reveal with it a sort of vision if you will, but one that no site, however monumental or mesmorizing could yield to it’s beholder.

It’s a tiny shift internally, the ability to see that which stood before you day after day and see it for what it is. Marcel Proust is quoted many times having written, “the true voyage of discovery is not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.” It’s being able to separate oneself from the immediate reactions of likes and dislikes and appreciate the thing in and of itself.

Yes, I’m about to disembark into a land so foreign from my own, a momentous occassion and yet the biggest hurdle, the most difficult step was just getting to this moment on the plane; of having come to a crossroads, “a path divided” for which all signs led in another direction and taking the other and in a way (fingers crossed) discovering neither path to be more right or wrong nor better or worse only different.

There were moments prior when I thought to myself how foolish it seemed to go. That to settle down into a rhythm of life and work seemed not only the right decision but the more responsible. After all hadn’t I just spent a month away hopping from destination to destination. I placed a judgement on it even for myself and sought to justify my own misgivings. And what a realize now, made ever clearer with each increasing mile, is that there is no absolute right or wrong, no success or failure only beginnings. What will this day bring to me and how will I learn from it? The triumph, the adventure, the discovery is in not turning around.

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