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We left Arusha and the children on December 22. While it was hard to say goodbye those we have grown so close to, we felt there was no better way than to spend Chrismas than on the beach in Nungwi. We brought one of the volunteers we got to know well with us, an Irish lad named Will. He had been our party friend in Arusha. Many of the volunteers were a bit dull, so once we arrived, he was excited to have some company that had some personality. We decided to recreate the first portion of our trip and stayed in Stone Town for a few days before heading up north to the most perfect beach on earth. We even stayed in the exact same hotels.

Mihae relaxes in an old Dhow

Mihae relaxes in an old Dhow on Paje Beach

The first day, we immedietly met up with our friends Abu, Bar and Dulah. We explored the street market for some fresh Zanzibar seafood and hit one of the local clubs (Muzungo free) and “shook our skeletons” until 4:00 a.m. I slammed my finger in a car door that night and could not feel the pain thanks to the many Kilimanjaro Lagers I had that night.

Chrismas Eve at Cholo Bar

Our routine on the island was about the same, drinking until late, hit the beach in the day, and repeat. It seemed all of the locals knew us on both sides of the island. When we were walking down the street, people would shout at us “Your friends are waiting for you at Starke Bar.”

Cholo Bar after the Chrismas Eve Rager

Cholo Bar after the Chrismas Eve Rager

On Christmas Eve, there was a huge party at our favorite beach club, Cholo Bar. We decided to hide our shoes in a tree since it was hard to dance in the sand, but they were stolen and we walked home barefooted. The next day, the bartender gave me a nicer pair so I didn’t mind.

Quite Paje Beach on Zanzibar's East Side

On Christmas, we had dinner with friends and went to a party in Kendwa, which is as breathtaking as Nungwi. We kept forgetting it was a holiday but every few hours someone would wish us a Merry Chrismas.

Fresh Coconut on Nungwi Beach=Heaven

Fresh Coconut on Nungwi Beach=Heaven


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