At last: Beating Cobra Heart and Fresh Blood

The dried cobra heart we had in Bangkok was a great jumping off point. While we were a bit disappointed not to have a fresh one,  it left us wanting more. Our first sample was blended well in a whisky cocktail, and the feeling of drinking it can only be described as some sort of euphoric high.

Our plans were to leave Cambodia this morning, but an hour before our bus was scheduled to pick us up, we decided that we hadn’t had quite enough of Siam Reap and decided to stay a bit longer.

“You know the cobra snake?”  I asked the hotel receptionist.

“Yes” he replied, giving me a weird look.

” I want to eat the heart and drink the blood”.

“Are you sure?”

“I am absolutely positive”.

“I can help you. Let me call a friend”.

And just like that we were off in a tuk tuk to the outskirts of town for our quest of reptilian slaughter.  We pulled into a driveway and met a few Cambodians.  They gave us a discount if we did not take the meat with us. We assured them that we were only after the blood, the heart and the liver.

Our slithery friend was brought out in a mesh bag in an Ankor beer box. One of the men gave him a poke and he angrily hissed. Next, one man held his head down while the other beheaded the beast. Even after his head seperated from his 4 foot body, his mouth continued to open and close as if saying “how could you cut my head off, you pricks?”

The crimson blood was drained into a bowl filled with whisky. The snake was then slit from top to bottom as they searched for the prizes inside. And there it was. The cobra  heart, in all of its pink and purple glory, still beating.  I have found what I have been searching for over the last five days.

The heart was placed in a small glass as was Mihae’s liver (apparently the latter is great for your eye sight).

Cheers! And they were gone in a single gulp.  The blood was mixed with whisky and we took a few sips. the rest was packed in a plastic bottle on ice for us to take with us.

Mission Accomplished.



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