Meet Mihae

Someone once described me as an idealistic pragmatist, I think it’s a pretty fitting description. While I can be so very black and white about things (some people might call it stubborn), I can’t imagine a life without the multitude of grays. My mother calls me loyal to a fault, but for those who’ve earned it, hold with it the highest of my expectations; it makes me tender-hearted and tough in the same breath. I love to read and yet can go stints without finishing a book for months, I consider myself a designer and yet still don’t know exactly what I want to do when I grow up. What can I say, I love contrast and balance.

Most Memorable Meal I’ve Had:
Hands down, Cuy…it’s considered a species of rodent, but honestly tastes just like chicken.

Favorite Missadventure Moment:
We’d been in Turkey for a few days and had arrived in Capaddocia the night prior. With no particular plans we meandered around town and stumbled upon a little moped rental shop. It took just a glance at each other to realize that we were renting mopeds. With only a paper map provided by the rental shop we took to the road. We didn’t know where we would wind up that day, but after a minor off-roading mishap, a few tasty remnants found in an abandoned garden, we came upon an ancient smurf-like stone city.

I remember stopping by the side of a completely open road with not a car in sight, we had on helmets a few sizes too large, knit gloves we had purchased at a shop in town for the occasion, and smiles from ear-to-ear; it was a moment that wasn’t found through a guide book nor set to an itinerary and maybe that’s what in part made it so memorable.

Cappadocia & the Open Road

A Few of My Favorite Things:

A sit down breakfast when there is time for it; a strong cup of coffee and a blissfully uneventful morning;Wine, any kind really…cream colored peonies and crisp apple streudels…you know the usual…