Love Me Some Tacos

Tacombi & Fashion's Night Out

Ok, so maybe I’m a little biased considering I’m working on the design for this project. While the graphics are in transition still, it hasn’t stopped Tacombi from rolling up in style at Fashion Night Out 2009 NYC. Parked in front of The Smile on Bond Street, the taco truck, known as Tacombi

passed out free tacos. On the menu were two tacos: a spicy cactus for the pork averse and a slow roasted pork taco with achiote topped with pickled onions for the carnivores and ravenous models…you’d be suprised how many tacos a skinny model can house! Both tacos were served on fresh tortillas made from Nixtamal. True to Mexican taco tradition, great lengths were made to obtain the 1,000 tortilla order from their Queens factory – the staple tortilla really makes a difference. Sort of like rice to sushi.

How I got roped into working the truck, well perhaps I was revisiting my day working with Emele in the Turkish bath house, but at least the St Germain cocktails from inside kept our thirst well-quenched.

While currently housed in a garage in Brooklyn, you can be sure to see it popping up at various events and locations throughout the city, you can follow it on to lovingly stalk its taco providing happenings…



  • Diana said:

    Hey, just had a chance to finally at your video, this is awesome, sucks that i missed it. Very proud of you! Miss you :)

    We should get launch when you are available would love to hear all about your traveling.



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