Meet Emele


Dream Destination: It changes daily.  Right now I’m imagining myself whitewater rafting in Zambia.

Most Amazing Thing I’ve Seen:
The endless plains of the Serengeti…it makes you feel so small.  And when the stars come out at night, you know how tiny we really are in this giant universe.  I’l never forget the site of driving through fields of zebras as far as the eye can see, witnessing The Great Migration of thousands of wildebeests and gizelles on their annual journey through the East African ecosystem, a happy family of  lions napping under a tree, watching giraffes snack on the tree tops, and spotting a leopard and her cub take a morning stroll. Truly one of the greatest natural sites on earth.

Greatest Travel Lesson Learned:
Bring strong stomach medicine when traveling in developing countries!

Best Missadventure Moment:
On a crowded street in Istanbul during Ramadan. It’s pouring rain, and we are in the middle of major hustle and bustle as people scurry about trying to keep dry. Mihae and I are feeling the wrath of too much Efes Pilsen the night before, we are starving and dying for a good cup of coffee. We see a doner kebab shop and find an outside table under a leaky tarp roof. Rain is dripping on us, we are freezing and people from the street constantly bump our chairs as they walk by. We order chicken doners and they are wonderfully delicious. The Muslim Prayer (Salaah) suddenly blares over the loudspeaker at the mosque across the street, it’s so loud it’s almost deafening and it drowns out the street noise. We sit eating, there is no conversation as we are completely mesmerized by the pandemonium. We are surrounded by this chaotic atmosphere, but neither one of us could have been more at peace than at that moment. I yell across the table to her “this is so much fun!” and we both burst out in laughter.

Best Advice: “Emele, get ahold of yourself, you’re out of control!” -Mihae

These are a few of my Favorite Things:
Experiencing a new culture, running in the rain, donating to charity, making people laugh, Fashion baby! Hanalei Bay, family dinners, girls night out, Fraggle Rock, feeling at home when I first set foot in a new destination, snorkeling, sand between my toes, London, Christmas morning, laughing so hard I can barely breathe, being happy right where I am, a good cup of tea, feeling renewed by a swim in the ocean, dancing, Mihae Mukaida, Africa, the smell of pikake, climbing my grandma’s plumeria tree, street food, campfires, Kauai, a home cooked meal, hiking, living in Hawaii, looking up at the stars, the full moon, a good conversation, curling up to an amazing book, the beach at night, people who inspire me, singing in my car, really stinky cheese, prayers answered, “The Notebook,” Chapstick, gossip  magazines, imagining the possibilities, having the nerve, following my heart, coming home, Guns N’ Roses, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” doing things I’m afraid of, baby animals (but not to eat), midnight, Lanikai Beach at low tide, beer, my Fendi Spy bag, rubber slippers, learning anything new, looking forward to the next big MissAdventure. x