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INDIA Photos: Highlights and Low Points

INDIA Photos: Highlights and Low Points(5)

December 23, 2013

India is a country of such extremes that it has the ability to inspire, frustrate, challenge and dazzle you all within the same day. We found our sanity constantly tested, but we also found ourselves more relaxed than we’ve been years. We quickly came to realize that nothing in India is as you would expect. Here’s some of the highs and lows of our Indian sojourn.

INDIA Photos: Highlights and Low Points
The Hugging Mother and her Unusual Reach

The Hugging Mother and her Unusual Reach

Surrounded by the Arabian Sea on one side and the backwaters of Kerala on the other, Amma’s Ashram simultaneously dwarfs the surrounding village while being engulphed in a sea of palm trees. Amma, aka the hugging mother, appears to have become a sort of institution, her books, cds, calendars, and pamphlets are everywhere. Followers, don [...]

Dhararvi: Asia’s Largest Slum

For our final days in India, we left the parties and beach side resorts of Goa for Mumbai, a city known for its glamour and glitz as much as its poverty – more than half of its residents reside in the slums. We took a tour with Reality Tours and Travel, our guide was a [...]

India’s Backwaters=Houseboat Heaven

The rest of our tip will be spent in the south, where we have been for the last week.  Its much more tropical here than the north, and for the most part, more calm. We left the Ashram of Amma, the famous “hugging Mother” guru, three days ago.  While the experience was interesting, I can’t [...]

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