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INDIA Photos: Highlights and Low Points

INDIA Photos: Highlights and Low Points(5)

December 23, 2013

India is a country of such extremes that it has the ability to inspire, frustrate, challenge and dazzle you all within the same day. We found our sanity constantly tested, but we also found ourselves more relaxed than we’ve been years. We quickly came to realize that nothing in India is as you would expect. Here’s some of the highs and lows of our Indian sojourn.

INDIA Photos: Highlights and Low Points

Bienvenido a Bogota

To be honest we hadn’t really expected much from Bogota. We’d booked Alegria’s hostel mainly for its price point thinking we’d stay a night, two at the most. We couldn’t have been more wrong. We arrived to the tiny international airport within an hour of each other and were in a cab by 11:30pm. 25 [...]

The Hugging Mother and her Unusual Reach

The Hugging Mother and her Unusual Reach

Surrounded by the Arabian Sea on one side and the backwaters of Kerala on the other, Amma’s Ashram simultaneously dwarfs the surrounding village while being engulphed in a sea of palm trees. Amma, aka the hugging mother, appears to have become a sort of institution, her books, cds, calendars, and pamphlets are everywhere. Followers, don [...]

At last: Beating Cobra Heart and Fresh Blood

The dried cobra heart we had in Bangkok was a great jumping off point. While we were a bit disappointed not to have a fresh one,  it left us wanting more. Our first sample was blended well in a whisky cocktail, and the feeling of drinking it can only be described as some sort of [...]

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