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Out of Africa

Out of Africa(8)

December 29, 2008

Cold shower. No shower. Warm beer. No beer. No food. No electricity. Toilet is a hole in the ground. Tent side swiped by wild bush pig. Feet caked in mud. Robbed by a monkey. Lions almost attacked us. Pickpocketed. Cooking water drunk by an elephant. Stale butter and carrot sandwiches for 5 days straight. Felt up by a toothless driver on the daladala bus. Wiping snot from a child’s nose with bare hands and no soap. Gunfire in front of our room. Sleeping on the bathroom floor. 2 stolen cameras, 2 stolen shoes, 1 dead donkey, 2 dead puppies, children throwing up all over each other…Best time of our lives.

Out of Africa
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