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Ways to stay entertained

4 hours on a bus, 2 hours on a queue, you have to find ways to entertain. with some dried, fried grasshoppers as snacks we’re making the most of our last minutes in Cambodia.

At last: Beating Cobra Heart and Fresh Blood

The dried cobra heart we had in Bangkok was a great jumping off point. While we were a bit disappointed not to have a fresh one,  it left us wanting more. Our first sample was blended well in a whisky cocktail, and the feeling of drinking it can only be described as some sort of [...]

Cambodia, a country of contrast

Cambodia, a country of contrast

We’d told Cristina, a friend of a friend living in Cambodia, that we’d be in Siem Reap around 1. After a 4 hour bus ride behind a pair of obnoxiously hungover Irish natives, 5 deliriously long and hot queues at the border, a taxi, a rickshaw (aka tuk tuk) and me dangerously close to ripping [...]

Haiku Kisses

A friend has the following quote in the write something box on her Facebook page, “It was in love I was created and in love is how I hope I die.” It’s one of those quotes that I wish were mine. I felt a pang of jealously when I first read it, like I wanted [...]

Cobra heart – thank you mam, may I have another…

We were on a mission, find the Klong Toey market and locate live cobra, for beating heart and blood cocktail. We’d asked a tuk tuk driver early in the afternoon of our first full day in Bangkok where one could obtain said cocktail. He laughed, pulled over another driver and discussed. He put us on [...]

Courageous Teeth

I decided to finally start keeping track things and begin writing my story the afternoon of the day I realized I had hairline cracks in two of my front teeth. Two days ago I moved into a new apartment. This morning the light from the window in the new bathroom hit my mouth at just [...]