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India’s Backwaters=Houseboat Heaven

The rest of our tip will be spent in the south, where we have been for the last week.  Its much more tropical here than the north, and for the most part, more calm. We left the Ashram of Amma, the famous “hugging Mother” guru, three days ago.  While the experience was interesting, I can’t [...]

Sometimes you just need to get away with the girls

Couldn’t have written the last line better…Sex and the City 2. Most probably an over the top, leave a slightly bad taste in your mouth, perhaps they should have ended on a high note, second film, I’m still going to watch it…

Space Invader in Varanasi

You couldn’t help but notice the small, slightly dilapidated markings – discrete and yet so out of place in this ancient city by the sacred Ganges River. I do believe it is the work of the french graffiti artist known as Space Invader. The Parisian born artist started invading in 1998 having hit to date over 39 [...]

The Oldest Living City (updated)

  Emele had heard about the bodies being dumped in the river. Having a slightly morbid sense of curiosity, it had been one of her main resasons for wainting to come to India. The long overnight train ride, which waqs supposed to arrive at 8:45 am, pulled into the station at close to 1:30. Getting [...]

Taj Mahal – The Paparazzi Experience

After a four hour train ride, we arrived in Agra, the city home of the Taj Mahal. We’d gotten train tickets for 124 Rs, the equivalent of about $3. We’d known it was for 2nd class but the idea of spending another night in New Dehli was, despite an enjoyable stay, not anything either of [...]

Varanasi: Burning Corpses and Tossed by a Bull

We finally made it to Varanasi after a 16 hour (5 hour delayed) train ride from Agra. Varanasi. being the world’s oldest living city, as well the spiritual center of the county, as the is the reason I was interested in visiting India. The city itself, like most of the country, is quite decapitated, with [...]

Missadventure One – New Dehli Train Scam

5:00 am, we’re both up before the alarm goes off and pack up our things, we’re ready 15 minutes later and head downstairs to checkout. As we round the marble staircase a sheeted ody lies on the landing. We gingerly step over him to reach the lobby floor to encounter more sleeping bodies, the reception [...]

Arrival in New Dehli

Arrival in New Dehli

The air is filled with a smokey haze as the passengers deboard the airplane. The New Dehli airport is much like any other, little to distinguish it, which is probably a good thing. Whether it’s the late hour of arrival or just the typical flow of traffic, the airport itself isn’t too hectic. Exiting customs [...]

Day One. Flight to India

The ability to achieve, to set your mind to something and have the fortitude to carry it out. It starts with a single momentary shift- a beginning… Day 1: on the brink of a new “adventure,” aboard a flight to New Delhi with no set itinerary save for the first night. Where the journey will [...]