INDIA Photos: Highlights and Low Points

INDIA Photos: Highlights and Low Points (5)

December 23, 2013 • Category: India, The Latest Adventure

India is a country of such extremes that it has the ability to inspire, frustrate, challenge and dazzle you all within the same day. We found our sanity constantly tested, but we also found ourselves more relaxed than we’ve been years. We quickly came to realize that nothing in India is as you would expect. Here’s some of the highs and lows of our Indian sojourn.

INDIA Photos: Highlights and Low Points

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Haiku Kisses (0)

A friend has the following quote in the write something box on her Facebook page, “It was in love I was created and in love is how I hope I die.” It’s one of those quotes that I wish were mine. I felt a pang of jealously when I first read it, like I wanted [...]

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Out of Africa (8)

Out of Africa

Cold shower. No shower. Warm beer. No beer. No food. No electricity. Toilet is a hole in the ground. Tent side swiped by wild bush pig. Feet caked in mud. Robbed by a monkey. Lions almost attacked us. Pickpocketed. Cooking water drunk by an elephant. Stale butter and carrot sandwiches for 5 days straight. Felt up by a toothless driver on the daladala bus. Wiping snot from a child’s nose with bare hands and no soap. Gunfire in front of our room. Sleeping on the bathroom floor. 2 stolen cameras, 2 stolen shoes, 1 dead donkey, 2 dead puppies, children throwing up all over each other…Best time of our lives.

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Harlem, New York (1)

Looking for a place in New York that’s a bit off the beaten path, where drinks don’t cost $20, there’s no cover charge and no reason to get dressed up? A recent missadventure took us to Harlem, America’s infamous personification of urban decay.  When a friend heard we were going, he sent the following text message, [...]

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Sometimes you just need to get away with the girls (0)

Couldn’t have written the last line better…Sex and the City 2. Most probably an over the top, leave a slightly bad taste in your mouth, perhaps they should have ended on a high note, second film, I’m still going to watch it…

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Travel Towel (0)

Travel Towel

This handy little item (aka “my special towel”) is like a little shammy for the body.  It’s all you need for a camping trip and if you are in a super ghetto hotel with no towels (and we have been caught in a few) you will be thankful you brought this little guy along. It [...]

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10 Very Handy & Most Overlooked Travel Items (0)

10 Very Handy & Most Overlooked Travel Items

We’ve all been there, suitcase spilling over with items we think we’ll need while traveling – clothing, accessories, shoes…and while the old adage of less is more could not be more fitting when it comes to what to bring on vacation, there are a few items that you shouldn’t leave home without. Below, 10 very [...]